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HR inspiration

Full support, concepts and projects

HR involves a large range of individual services, most of which I provide for you single-handedly. Should the need arise, I bring in specialists that suit you and the project: tax advisors, legal experts, financial consultants, insurance experts. My carefully nurtured network provides more than one alternative in all the relevant areas of expertise.

Personnel Development

Getting out of a dead-end situation?

People who are at a dead end in their professional or personal lives are unable to make full use of their capabilities. And superiors rarely have the time or the resources to help them get out of the situation.


Whether termination, restructuring, merger or personal motivation: with a clear view from the outside, lots of empathy, a suitcase full of options and a generous portion of honesty, I help you and your staff turn things around.


Target-oriented. Fast. To the benefit of everyone involved.


Shall we take the next step together?

Personnel Diagnostics

Making the most of personality

References and qualifications don’t account for even half of an individual's personality. Strengths, talents and preferred behaviours or attitudes indicate more precisely how and where a person can make a contribution – to the benefit of both the company and themselves.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) are among the effective tools I use for the purpose of self-assessment, career consultancy and personnel development.


Individuals and teams are presented with a visualisation so as to be able to grasp the diagnosis at a glance, while the subsequent coaching interview looks at opportunities and what to do next.


Go to the HBDI® website and try it out for yourself!

Personnel Recruitment

Adding new staff to the team

High unemployment figures and a shortage of specialists? Never mind! Your new staff have to be right for the team, the company and you. Here’s an example of how successful personnel recruitment can work.


A global company with its headquarters in Central Switzerland needed experienced international staff – and very quickly, too, since growth was happening faster than originally planned.


I got together with those responsible to develop clear requirement profiles and job descriptions. A combination of suitable online and print media provided the platform for target-oriented job postings. In the selection interviews we weren’t just looking for individual qualifications but also a willingness and a capacity to be a part of the new team and help shape it.


The result: three high-profile positions were filled within one month. A few months down the line, the team is now extremely well established and has already gained international recognition.


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Seeing problems as opportunities

When individuals require coaching, this is often due to personal or professional challenges, crises that have been overcome or the desire for a change of job or career.


Solution-oriented coaching benefits anyone who is able to see problems as opportunities for personal development – whether private individuals, entrepreneurs, staff or teams. Coaching usually results in decisions that benefit everyone.


Here's an example:


From trainee to CEO of an international company in the food industry – a highly successful and fast-moving career. But then the manager wondered where to go from there – how to make use of his huge expertise and knowledge of different cultures all over the world.


I was brought in as an external coach to look for potential new paths. Instead of opting for a change as initially thought, the coachee quickly realised that it was absolutely essential for him to take some time out for the purpose of personal development. He found ways to face up to the challenges ahead and carve out space for a creative pause.


After this successful collaboration, the company then contracted me again for the purpose of team development.


When will you and your team reap the benefits?


Developing new behavioural patterns

Skills are all down to practice. In the field of artistic or sporting activities, this goes without saying. But it also applies to our behaviour. The way we present ourselves, our body language, the way we talk on the phone, the way we act as managers or team members – not everything we do necessarily helps us achieve our goals.


But the good thing is that it is possible to practise new patterns of behaviour. In fact it’s simpler than you might think. An individually tailored seminar is often the best way to start. Give your staff the opportunity to develop – and reap the benefits. I offer seminars and training programmes on:


- Body language and manner

- Presentation and elocution

- Team development incl. personnel diagnostics

- Telephone training


When will you offer your people a development platform?

Team Synergies

Getting the best out of teams

Just as a picture says more than a thousand words (and it says different things, too), a team can achieve more and different things as compared to a single person. And a team can achieve more than a group. There are two key requirements to be able to turn a group into a team and a team into a productive team:

  1. The team has to be heterogeneous, i.e. be composed of people with very different strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.
  2. The team has to be professionally managed.

 The developers of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) conducted research into this topic. Their insights were used to create tools that allow effective teams to be assembled and developed.


I have studied and applied these methods very intensively and integrated them in my own ‘toolkit’. I will be glad to explain to you in person how your company can develop optimum teams.


When will you and your team reap the benefits?